How can a kid's jumper be used by their parents as well? Is there anything such which has the strength to give the bouncy experience of jumping to both the toddlers and parents? What need to be acquired by a trampoline to be such a multipurpose jumper? The Pure Fun KidĄŻs Jumper Trampoline is ready to answer all the questions mentioned above.

Overview Pure Fun Kids Jumper

The 43 x 15 x 3 inches trampoline is ready to give fun to your whole family. The well constructed, spring free trampoline is available in a huge color range, apart from the usual colors of blue and pink. The weight of the trampoline is just 12 pounds, which, most likely, the most lightweight product available in the market.


Sturdy Construction:

The well constructed compact trampoline has a sturdy metal frame which retains the whole body of soft pads together. The jumper stands on the 4 legs that have plastic covers to make the jumper slip resistant. It can take weight up to 75 lbs.

Spring Free Jumping Experience:

The galvanized steel parts of the trampoline are tied up by nylon threads. Thanks to the makers who donĄŻt use metal springs under the foam pads. Instead, they used 8 rows of stitching on the rubber and foam pads to make it less harmful for the children. It wouldnĄŻt hurt our toddlerĄŻs feet during jumping which often happen with other trampolines.

Supportive Handle Bar:

The well padded handrail is added with the trampoline to make it much safe. As the 4 sides of the trampoline are open, it is necessary to provide the hoppers something supportive to hold during jumping.

Polypro Jump Pads:

The USA made Polypro jump pads are very bouncy. The trampoline has 2 thick covers of pad that make it more durable and soft.

Easy to Assemble:

As the users say, it takes only 10 minutes to be assembled. The instruction manual clearly guides of assembling. It doesnĄŻt need any additional tool to be assembled. The lightweight trampoline is also easy breakdown and carry away anywhere with you.


The makers are providing with a warranty of 2 years on the steel parts and a limited labor warranty of 90 days on the whole product.


Space Saving:

The 37.8 Lengthy and 38.2 Wide Pure Fun KidĄŻs Jumper Trampoline takes very little space whether it is assembled or stored.

Very Cute and Attractive:

The whole thing is quite attractive to the kids with its vibrant colors and good style. The unique design is very cute that you kids canĄŻt be without it longer. No, no, we are not saying it. ItĄŻs the makerĄŻs claim which has been proved.

Safe for Our Children:

The supportive handrail and slip resistant stands of the trampoline make it safe for use. The jumper is not very high from the surface that if our toddlers fall down from the jumper, they will not be hurt.

Good Bounce:

The well bouncy thick foam and rubber pads make you feel of real bounce experience.



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